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Clean air and a healthy working environment –
the capture and separation of air pollutants is our core competence!

Pure competence in air.


You prefer to work in a healthy ambience? In addition to good relationships with your colleagues this is also a matter of the air quality! We have a compact solution for you, ventilation technology – easy to use and state of the art, suitable for commercial kitchens as well as for the food processing industry.

X-CYCLONE® RJ – Inexpensive compact air cleaners


Cleaning of the exhaust air from processing machines, coating plants and food processing lines. Separation of water- and oil-based aerosols such as cooling lubricants or spray mist.

X-CYCLONE® EGU – Recirculation hood with X-CYCLONE® air-cleaning system


Capture and cleaning of the exhaust air from production machines in the food industry and from cooking appliances in commercial kitchens with a recirculation system.

For the reduction of organic odour pollution

Separation of water- and oil-based aerosols such as spray mist or cooking fumes.

X-CYCLONE® LM – Compact mobile air cleaners


Removal of smoke, vapours, odours and gas from the exhaust air of processes such as 3D printing, laser engraving, laser marking, laser cutting, wafer processing, eroding and soldering.


Also available in a room air purifier version

X-CYCLONE® WM – Compact mobile air cleaners


Cleaning of air extracted from welding work.
Also suitable for cutting, marking and laser welding in the electrical and metal-processing industries.


Also available in an all-in-one device which can additional also be used for oil mist.


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