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Clean air thanks to a sophisticated design and spezial filters


The new REVEN® SH oil mist separator is an outstanding product among the currently available industrial air cleaners and is distinguished by a favourable price-performance ratio, a compact and environmentally sound design and low energy consumption.

It is suitable for applications such as

  • the cleaning of exhaust air from processing machines, coating booths and food processing lines as well as
  • the separation of water-based aerosols such as cooling lubricants or spray mist.


  • CFD-optimised, high-performance separating system with a separating efficiency of up to 99.9999 %.
  • Efficiency and function of the air cleaner proven by CFD flow analysis.
  • Long-term use of filters with long replacement intervals thanks to REVEN® LTH particulate filters (LTH = Long-Term HEPA).
  • Sustainable air-cleaning concept due to the use of a cleanable, high-performance separating system.
  • Fan impeller and motor with energy-efficient eco-design in accordance with the European Directive on Energy-related Products (ErP).
  • Energy-saving potential of up to Euro 1,000 per year compared to traditional air cleaners.
  • Housing 100 % rustproof in accordance with the requirements of the German trademark association for stainless steel Warenzeichenverband Edelstahl Rostfrei e.V.
  • Designed, constructed and produced in Germany.
  • Lifetime guarantee on the high-performance separating system and the corrosion resistance of the housing.

Scientific testing and optimisation with the help of CFD

Rentschler REVEN uses computational fluid dynamics technology to analyse airflow behaviour and optimise separating efficiency in industrial air cleaning. The computer software simulates the airflow behaviour, and the design of the device is continuously improved until the best possible separating efficiency for pollutant particles is achieved.

CFD figure 1: airflow simulation
CFD figure 1: airflow simulation

Also the behaviour of the pollutant particles in the exhaust airflow is analysed. Only an extremely small portion of particles with diameters below 0,6 µm remains in the airflow.

CFD figure 2: behaviour of the pollutant particles
CFD figure 2: behaviour of the pollutant particles



Simple application and fast cleaning

The REVEN® SH air cleaner can easily be cleaned by the operator in almost no time at all.
Watch our video to learn how to disassemble, clean and reassemble the REVEN® SH unit.


Visit our photo gallery on flickr
Visit our photo gallery on flickr


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